Eastern Shore Capital Management

Eastern Shore Capital Management (ESCM) is an investment boutique specializing in long-only U.S. Small and Smid cap equities.

ESCM invests in leaders and future leaders that are undervalued due to the unappreciated duration of positive fundamentals or positive change identified by qualitative and empirical factors.

Investment Approach

  • Eastern Shore exploits a market phenomenon known as the Quality Anomaly which refers to the consistent mispricing of quality companies that leads to their outperformance over time.
  • Eastern Shore recognizes that positive change within a company can be as powerful as persistent excellence.
  • Eastern Shore’s bottom-up, fundamental approach identifies established and improving quality companies.
  • Given their strong profitability, low debt, high margins, and compelling business models, established quality companies provide stability, capital appreciation, and downside protection.
  • The improving quality segment targets the next generation of established quality and provides additional alpha-generating potential across a variety of market conditions. Eastern Shore identifies future leaders (and avoids junk) through the prism of quality.


ESCM was established in 2012 as a division of Moody Aldrich Partners, LLC with significant ownership held by the investment team. Eastern Shore’s co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, Robert Barringer, CFA, previously served as the sole portfolio manager on the FBR Small Cap Fund at FBR Asset Management from its inception in March 2007 until the formation of Eastern Shore. Mr. Barringer was able to transport his prior track record to Eastern Shore where it continues as the Eastern Shore Small Cap Equity strategy.

Mr. Barringer co-manages Eastern Shore’s strategies with James O’Brien, CFA and Sarah Westwood, CFA, CMT. Mr. Barringer and Mr. O’Brien previously worked together on the investment team at Citizens Funds from 2001 to 2003, while Mr. O’Brien and Mrs. Westwood previously worked together at Moody Aldrich Partners from 2008 to 2012. The investment team employs the process Mr. Barringer developed in 2007.