Global Value Advisors

Global Value Advisors (GVA) is an investment boutique specializing in long-only global and international equities.

GVA adheres to the principles of value investing and combines the discipline of quantitative investing with qualitative judgement informed by fundamental research.

International Small Cap
Global All Cap Equity
Emerging Markets

Investment Approach

Our competitive advantage is based on our proprietary quantitative process which has a proven ability to identify a structurally advantaged subset of the universe. Fundamental research is used to eliminate from this subset the companies that we believe have qualitative problems that our systematic process does not capture.

Companies we own generate sufficient cash flow to maintain their assets, internally finance their growth and return unused capital to shareholders, either directly though the payment of dividends or indirectly through share buybacks or debt repayments. We avoid debt laden companies, cash hoarders (a poor use of capital) and externally financed serial acquirers. Importantly, we ensure style discipline by only purchasing companies with cheap valuations using a blend of standard valuation metrics.

  • Position sizes are systematically calculated, thus avoiding conviction weighting which introduces human emotion.
  • Systematic sell discipline ensures consistency and prevents behavioral pitfalls.
  • Portfolios are unconstrained as to country and industry leading to high active exposures.