Global Value Advisors (GVA) is a private investment boutique specializing in long-only global and international equities.

Investment Approach

GVA employs an innovative form of value investing that uses a disciplined methodology to delineate an advantaged subset of the universe then it applies fundamental research to identify companies with sustainable Free Cash Flows to maintain their assets, finance their growth and return capital to shareholders.  GVA’s research shows that when coupled with cheapness, the combination of positive free cash flow and returning capital to shareholders is an extremely powerful alpha signal.

GVA’s approach produces portfolios that are very cheap while delivering superior profitability and balance sheet strength. GVA’s Disciplined Methodology guarantees adherence to investment principles and eliminates style drift:

  • Portfolio managers can only select from companies that have been identified by GVA’s Proprietary Model (the Advantaged Subset)
  • Position sizes are systematically derived
  • Sell disciplines ensure conformity with GVA’s investment requirements