We are structured as a multi-boutique company with shared non-investment business services. Our unique entrepreneurial culture provides talented investment teams with significant direct ownership in their distinct investment businesses. This structure ensures an alignment of interests with clients and empowers each investment team to perform at their best. Our culture is collaborative and entrepreneurial with shared incentives and a common vision of delivering premier investment strategies to clients.

Investment Teams

We believe that investment teams function best when they have the freedom and autonomy to focus on investments within a stable business environment. Each investment team is responsible for developing and implementing a consistent, repeatable investment process consistent with the achievement of long-term value added returns. Each investment team is empowered to conduct their own research and to carry out their unique investment activities without interference.

Governance Structures

Each investment boutique is governed by a Business Management Committee (BMC) consisting of the Managing Partners of MAP and the investment team partners. Each divisional BMC is responsible for establishing business goals and strategy, resource allocation and oversight of the business.

Shared Business

Our structure provides our investment teams with the freedom to focus on investments while being supported by a centralized team of experienced non-investment professionals and an institutional infrastructure. Our integrated business services ensures consistency across operational capabilities and adherence to a robust compliance program. We feature a centralized technology platform and personnel to manage non-investment functions.